St. James C of E Junior School
We started to quote for St. James School back in the spring of 2014 for our client. Following working through the job with the Architects and client we achieved a successful tender for the job and work started in earnest in a factory in October of 2014. The school was built in a modular style, hence factory working, where we first fixed our pipework and equipment before moving on to Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria for the fit together and finishing off of the project, I say finishing off, we spent approximately 8 weeks on site in Barrow-in-Furness with approximately 1/3 of our current workforce.
This install at St. James School utilised gas boilers and pumps as usual, but also a new type of radiator (of which there were 56no.) which were used on this particular project for the first time, and following feedback from ourselves, the manufacturer is incorporating a couple of our thoughts into these radiators for the next job that comes along.
The work at St. Johns was also "heat free" meaning no blowlamps for soldering so we used a steel express pressfit type of pipe and fitting and with literally thousands of joints and only the one leak, we think that this shows that pressfit or crimpfit as it's also known is the way to go in the future.

Following on from St. James, we have now been awarded a similar but larger job at Holden Clough with a third following on straight afterwards and we are assuming that things will go as well with both of these as much as the job at St. James did too.