McDonalds Restaurant
We received a call from McDonalds Restaurants to say that they were having problems with their heating & hot water systems in a Leeds store. After attending site it became apparent that the existing plant, now approaching its 17th year, was beyond economic repair.
In conjunction with McDonalds it was arranged that following the provision of a temporary hot water supply we would install a new heating and hot water system during a period of closure of the restaurant for refurbishment purposes. We specified and fitted an Ideal Commercial Boilers CXA-H 40kw boiler for the hot water to heat the cylinder manufactured by Joule Cylinders and 2no. Ideal Commercial Boilers CXA-H 70kw boilers to heat the AHU's for heating the restaurant.
The new boiler setup also required some thinking about to be able to get the flue gases out to atmosphere and we employed Glenair Ltd to design & manufacture a flue header system which would attach to all 3 of our new boilers and to the adequate and original flue system that was there. The works took approximately 2 weeks to complete with all trades playing their part and the new look McDonalds Restaurant can now look forward to plenty of hot water and heating for the foreseeable future.